Sunday 15 August 2021

Mary, Mother of Our Lord

11am Holy Eucharist

You must reserve a place in advance for this service
This service is broadcast live

Celebrant: The Very Rev’d Nigel Williams, Dean
Preacher: The Rev’d Dr Sally Harper, Chaplain

Organ and Cantor
Opening hymn: Sing we of the blessed Mother
Mass: Mass of Our Lady of Lourdes, Jean-Paul Lécot
Psalm: 45. 10-17
Offertory hymn: For Mary, Mother of the Lord

Recessional hymn: Tell out, my soul, the greatness of the Lord

Coronavirus (Covid-19) guidance

Update: 11 August 2021

New guidance has been prepared for managing Coronavirus under Welsh Government’s Alert Level Zero. These set out guidance on how to prepare risk assessments and reasonable mitigation measures that should be considered by each local trustee body.

For more details see


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