Christian Aid Week

10-16 May 2021

Drought drives people to the brink. Storms tear families apart. Raging waters show no mercy. In Kenya the climate crisis has made weather more extreme, whether long drought or relentless rainstorms.

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The climate crisis is leaving people hungry, homeless and heartbroken.

People like Rose are struggling to survive without a reliable source of water. From drought to flooding, climate chaos robs people of control over their lives.

I often feel hungry, Rose says. Because of climate change, I worry a lot about food. I pray to God that the rainfall will become normal like it used to be.

In recent years, the drought has been so bad that its caused a hunger crisis. Crops wither and die. Rivers run dry. People struggle to survive. The coronavirus pandemic has only made this lack of water more critical for Rose. Without water for handwashing, it is a struggle to stay safe from the virus.

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