Church in Wales Gift Direct

A message from The Dean

Giving by Standing Order has been a good way to make gifts to the church for many years, and it certainly is a more efficient and effective way to give to the church than using the old envelope system. It also avoids the health risks that will now be associated with using cash. We are grateful that you have chosen to support your church using a Standing Order but we are now asking you to change.

It improves cash flow to the church, making receipts more frequent and reliable. In most churches, the gift aid from Standing Orders is claimed annually, and sometimes not for several years. Using Gift Direct the gift aid is claimed on every eligible gift each month. This means that in addition to the gift, the treasurer knows that the tax will be received and can plan accordingly.

About Gift Direct

Gift Direct offers the opportunity for the donor to choose to raise their gift in line with the RPI each year. This keeps the gift up to date and means that the donor’s original intention continues. Many Gift Aid Secretaries report that Standing Orders that were set up to reflect a generous gift have not altered for many years, effectively reducing the size of the gift year on year.

Even without choosing the RPI increase option, the annual summary of giving from the Gift Direct team encourages people to faithfully consider their gift, and to choose to increase or decrease it as their circumstances allow.

Although many Standing Orders are generous, our data shows that people who give by Gift Direct tend to give at a higher rate. The average gift from a Standing Order is £20 per month. Those signing up to Gift Direct average £50 per month. We believe that this is not because the users of Gift Direct are more generous, but because they have had the opportunity to prayerfully consider their gift before signing up to the scheme.

I hope that helps you to understand why we as a diocese are so keen to move people onto the scheme.

Church in Wales – Gift Direct Online

As part of our response to the Covid-19 situation, we have now developed online tools to help you create a new Gift Direct donation or manage your existing one. Please see the links below to find out more.

Gift Direct code for St Asaph

The name that identifies us is The Rectorial Benefice of St Asaph

The code that identifies the Cathedral is A702

Leaflet and FAQs

For more details on how the Gift Direct system operates,

please download Gift Direct Leaflet and FAQs

or contact

  • To start giving to your Parish

  • To amend an existing commitment

  • To add a new commitment for an existing (and active) donor

  • To cease an existing commitment

Gift Direct is administered by the Representative Body of the Church in Wales, which is a registered charity. Registered Charity Number 1142813.